Light for the world …

In June of 2010, Joan Chittister, author of  “Uncommon Gratitude: Alleluia for All That Is”, delivered “Forget the Answers; It’s the Questions that Count” — a message to the book publishers and sellers gathered at the annual Religious Booksellers Trade Exhibit. Among other things, she said:

You are the people whose ministry it is to honor the great spiritual questions of every age—particularly our own. And you do it in institutions for which the past is a friendlier more familiar place than the future—so much for all their talk about faith. Your ministry is a sacred task, an eternal trust. For all our sakes. You are the people who build the spiritual bridge that will carry the rest of us from yesterday to tomorrow.

If it had not been for publishers and copiers and booksellers,
If it had not been for the ones of every age before us—scribes, copyists, printers—who multiplied manuscripts one piece of vellum at a time, who distributed texts one tract at a time, Who carried from place to place and people to people the ideas that shook the church and changed the world, the world as we know it would never have come to light.

Liturgical Press has posted the address online here.

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