The Weak are Strengthened on Sunday

An elderly grandmother had to go to work in spite of arthritis and advancing years.  She worked as charwoman in a big city hotel, on the job at the stroke of six every morning,.  Said a guest to her one day, “So you wash this floor six mornings a week?”  Then he added, “Well, at least on Sunday morning you can sleep in.  I hope you get plenty of rest that day.”
The grandmother looked at him with a smile.  “No, that’s the morning I get up early, too, to take my grandchildren to church.”
The stranger paused, “Wouldn’t it help you to keep going if you slept in that one morning a week?”
The elderly lady leaned back on her knees, her red hands in the pail of water beside her, “Oh, it’s going to church on Sundays that keeps me going the other six days of the week!

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