True love is one of mutuality. True Christianity is a faith of both giving and receiving. And yet, Christians struggle to find that mutuality. The church volunteer gives time and talents, but drives people crazy with her unwillingness to receive help. The church “pew potato” takes whatever is offered . . . church dinners, a good sermon, beautiful music, children’s activities, social events . . . but drives church leaders crazy at his ability to say “no” to every request for generosity.

One’s relationship with God and one’s relationships with the people of God’s world should be filled with both giving and receiving. Jesus gave his life for humanity; Christians give our lives to Christ. God gave us a world of abundance; we can give this world and its people care and nurture. Then we build a faith of mutual love, like that of Isaac and Rebekah, giving and receiving in partnership.

Read: Genesis 24:34-38


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