What Does Love Mean?

Jay- Love is everything. No one can see it but I can feel it.

Stephanie- Love means being with someone you care about and if you really love someone you will never stop thinking about them.

Rachael- Love is being happy and comfortable with some one and you can just be yourself, no makeup, no fancy clothes, wake up next to them and think that you 2 are the only 2 people in the world that matter. Your heart races when you see them after an hour or a day apart, and you get butterflies when they kiss you, and at that moment you know you will be together foreverxxx

Carolina- love..caring, loving, sacrifice, giving

Luz- Love means caring for others, it means accepting one individual for who they are and not for how they are. There is nothing that can separate love. Nothing compares to the love there is between two persons that love each other. Love is a wonderful feeling that God demonstrates through his son Jesus that he gave to save us!

Lark- Love is when you walk by someone at school and you feel all hot and your heart skips a beat.

Brittni- Love means to me always being there for the one you love and always be faithful to that person. Also it means to accept someone for who they are and not what they have, or what they do. Love also means to bring that person’s name up in whatever you do so they can know that you love them and will always be there for them. That’s what I think.

Samantha- Love is a feeling you have for someone.

Kelly- Love is a great feeling to have! You can’t see it but you can feel it. If you like someone go for them– then you’ll feel the true feeling of L-O-V-E.

Taylor- Luv is where you knoq you are in luv right now might not be luv but when you are with that special person you will know what luv is trust me, I’m there.

Jessica- Luv is a feeling you don’t get everyday. Luv is when you know you are facing a person and saying I luv you or telling them through e-mail or letters or just telling someone to tell them and you will know when you are in luv cause your heart will tell you go for it or tell you its okay you luv him. When you need someone to talk to about luv go to your closest relative and tell them or go to a close friend that cares about you and just think everyone is going through luv everyday, getting married, having children and ect… but I’m just telling you when you are in luv you will totally know you are cause your heart skips a beat I swear. Have a good day luving someone.

Juanita- Love is something you can’t explain. Love is something that comes from the heart and you can feel it….

Ashley- Love is when they are your world… love is when that person doesn’t complicate your life but they compliment it. When no matter what they have on they still look amazing to you. When you are with them time seems to fly but when you are apart it takes forevr to see them again. When even though they have made you mad or have hurt you, you can’t help but love them. How when you see them your stomach still gets butterflies and you begin to smile no matter what mood you are in. When they touch you, you get cold chills all over. When the hardest thing to do is to say good bye. When everytime you blink their face is all you see and everytime you day dream they are all you dream about. When someone can look at you and see love in your eyes. When you can be clear across the room from them and know the second they walk into a room. When you can be in the middle of a conversation with someone and just glance at them and all of a sudden time begins to slow down and it becomes just you and him and that’s the way you want it to be. When reality becomes better then a dream and life seems to good to be true. That’s what love is. It’s the feelings you only experience in those special moments that are spent with the one you love.

Kate- Love means that you have to have a special feeling for your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband and wife. They need to be the one you have for the rest of your life.

Cyndy- Mom always taught us when we were kids that Love is an itch you can’t scratch!!

Joel- Love is Jesus.

Leslie- Love is that special feeling for that special someone.

Brittnie- Love to me is giving me your whole world and me giving you my whole world.

Andrea- I think that love is something that is amazing! You don’t see it but you can feel it…love is something that makes you feel like jello…lol. It makes you feel like you have not a care in the world! When you are with the one you love you know that you are safe and they will be there for you whenever you need them! That’s what I think love means!!!

Skye- Luv is when you sense something or you feel it and it’s in your heart who ever you luv.

Mary- Love is the strong affection of feeling you feel between someone else. Like, I LOVE my family, or I LOVE my “secret” crush.

Laci- True love is your recanition into another persons soul.

Misty- To me, love is a miracle. I love having this feeling towards this special someone. Love is something you can’t explain… When you love someone, you’ll do anything and everything to make them happy. God gave us the gift of love, and I’m so thankful for that! God Bless:)

Fact- Love is the good feeling that you can see from on others eyes.

Miriam- Love is when you feel something really strong and special for somebody else. It is an amazing feeling and you just want to tell the world how you feel.

Janice- Love is a dance. It takes patience, practice and time to get the steps right.

Stef- Love to me is my wonderful husband, Randy, and our 4 beautiful children…Autumn, Lance (4) Emily, Allison (3).

Megan- When you look into that persons eyes and you know you’re meant to be, your heart flutters and your stomach has butterflies, you just can’t wait for that person to hold you or be in their arms. Love you Angel.

Chelsey- it means that a boy and a girl care about each other more than anyone else could ever love them.

Michele- Love means never having to say your sorry, never having to justify your every move, Love brings out the best in you.

Samba- Love is an unexplainable emotion that someone feels. It can make your life crazy and calm it down at the same time. You know you love someone when you can talk about anything and everything and they like you more for it. Love is one of the mysteries of life but is also wonderful.

Lynn- Christ’s death on the cross

Tammy- love affection someone you really love.

Munir- The existence of Universe is because of love. Love can make world a heaven. Loving means forgiving fault not finding faults. Love makes impossible into possible. True love is never selfish. Without trust love is not complete.

Lisa- love is Jesus

Teresa- love is jesus

Esteban- I think love is about caring about the other person and loving them so much that your heart will explode.

Ravjyot- Love is the master key which opens the gates of happiness. Love is the river of life in the world. Love is the tact of everygood, the only warmth, the only peace. Love is composed of single souls inhabiting two bodies. The first duty of love is to listen. Love is small world of two people where everything is shared. Love lifts the heart to paradise. Love does not insist on its way. Love is knowing true happiness. Love gives a reason to smile. Among faith, hope and love, the greatest is love.

Rosario- Love is being happy and comfortable with some one and you can just be yourself, no makeup, no fancy clothes, wake up next to them and think that you two are the only two people in the world that matter. Your heart races when you see them after an hour or a day apart, and you get butterflies when they kiss you, and at that moment you know you will be together forever. It is also the most wonderful thing that can exist in all the world.

Remus- Love is like a headache…..you don’t know when she comes…..and you don’t know when she leaves……….

Valerie- Love is giving your whole heart to someone no matter what. Love keeps me going through the day. Love can be many things …a feeling, a look, a kiss….that’s why it’s so unexplainable and so very special.

Kyra- where the world disapears when he is with you, everything is ok, you melt into his arms when he brushes that little piece of hair out of your eyes or blows on your cheek to dry your tears!

Misty- Love means no matter what happens that special someone will be there holding your hand and lifting your spirits. When you have the worst day of your life they will be there to pick you back up and not have to be asked. You will think about them no matter what and no matter what they will think about you. Your hands get sweaty and your heart skips a beat. Love is not something you question yourself about but something you just know. IF you think twice about who you are with…you can’t be in love cause love doesn’t doubt. Love doesn’t boust and love is honest and faithful. Hold on to your loved ones tight and never forget that if they really love you they won’t be going anywhere.

Ana Carla- Love is family and friends.

Penny- Luv means when you some one loves you they give you hugs and kisses amd when your boy friend loves you he or she gives you kisses and your mom and dad.

Leann- Love is something that you can not always explain but you know it is there.

Kate- LOVE is like a wind..You can’t see it but You can feel it…

Rohana- Love will make someone crazy but love is beautiful……

Sarah- Love is Jesus.

Tori- Love is pure and when you find true love it’s a feeling you can’t beat.

Gabriel- It means when you have feelings for someone.


Linda- Love is a special feeling that can’t be explained, it’s different to everyone. But I believe if you really love someone, you will die for them.

Ashley- Love is a special feeling you get inside and show on the outside. It happens when you meet the person that you know you are willing to spend the rest of your life with . . . .NO MATTER WHAT!!!!

Katlyn- To feel a passion, devotion, or tenderness for someone.

Jeannette- It means to see people in loves first sight and to kiss them and be with them with a beat of a heart and caring for people to observe your true feelings and love!

Taylor- Love means to me that if a person really likes someone and the person they like likes them too and they are very scared to kiss each other that is what love means to me.

Cheryl- Love is when you get goose pimples when that person passes. Love is When that person looks at you and you feal like you’re in heaven. Love Is when that Person says They Don’t like you And you cry for hours and hours And feal insecure about your self. Love is a sad thing when it ends And May take Years to get over. If You truely love someone Then its like getting caught in a web and can’t get out. You will get stuck there for eternity.

Nicole- Love is a feeling you just can’t explain, even if you try you can’t. You have 2 experience luv 2 explain it even then your body doesn’t get it. and your heart stops and its though the whole world is standing still and only that special person matters!


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