A Christmas Tear

Manger Maker

I watched the manger maker,
And then I asked him why
The baby Jesus he was making
Had a tear in his eye.

He looked up at me with sadness,
His face was hard as stone
And answered me, seriously,
And in a petulant tone.

“Many children around our world,
Go to sleep at night in fear.
Alone they lie in the darkness
With not a parent near.

“Their stomachs remain empty,
And diseases they must endure,
While only those who are affluent
Have the needed cure.

“If this baby Jesus was able,            
I think he would proclaim
To the adults around our world,
They have caused God’s children pain.

“It is the little ones who suffer,
The innocent who pay
For the greed and hate the adults bring
Into their world each day.”

I turned from him and headed home,
His words I knew were true.
I realized, but, was not surprised,
I had a tear in my eye too.

–Tim Neaverth

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